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In 1999, Carl Chinn began tracking deadly attacks associated with faith-based organizations in the U.S. Those have been shared openly and freely on the website for years.

That research has now identified over 1,700 incidents. From that tracking, we know we are more likely to see a violent attack start (or unfold completely) outside our building. We know there are more than guns involved in violence, but guns are involved roughly 60% of the time. 40% of violent attacks used weapons aside from firearms. We know when violence with deadly force potential arrives at church, there is about a 1 in 3 chance an innocent victim will be killed.

Most of all, we know that violence with deadly force potential at a church is not as rare as some thought. The days of denial are behind us. This research now shows us we cannot turn a blind eye to the evil that threatens our sanctuaries.

In contemplating the future, Carl believed this work needs to keep going even when he can no longer do it. The day will come for it to be passed to others.

That was one of the reasons for starting the Faith Based Security Network, Inc. (FBSN) as a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership (the IRS finally approved the FBSN as a public charity on 10/18/17). The faith based deadly force study will continue as a function of the FBSN.

For a season the statistics will remain on the website, then will be duplicated here, then will become a function of the FBSN. The data exists in that study right now to create so many other categories for tracking, but Carl simply has no more bandwidth to do more at this time. As the FBSN grows, we look to have a team take on that effort. But we want the statistics to always be available to the public for no charge.

If you believe the work done since 1999 is a worthy benefit, will you consider donating towards continuing and expanding this research?

Donations are deductible, but please do not give out of your tithes fund – that belongs to your church. If you can give to the Faith Based Security Network, any amount is appreciated! Churches will be safer because of it.