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Worship Security Academy

Worship Security Academy (WSA) is part of Kingswood Security Consulting. WSA serves the church by providing online training courses to church staff, volunteers, and safety leaders. Courses include situational awareness, conflict de-escalation, threat detection, active shooter, child safety, conversational interviewing, and more. Teaching you exactly what to do and when to do it!  VIDEO COACH Monthly membership to our video club, where you get unlimited access to presentations, teachings, webinars, and insights from safety and security experts to educate and inform you on a variety of safety and security topics.  CHURCH SAFETY 101 This course is perfect for you if you are a church staff member or volunteer wanting to improve your skills on how to effectively detect and deter threats within your church. THREAT DETECTION 101 This is our comprehensive flagship course designed for safety teams and church leaders digging deeper into how to detect and deter threats using conversational interviewing.  GROUP COACHING Group coaching community for pastors, administrators, and safety leaders. We take you through our signature seven-step program led by WSA founder Simon Osamoh as your mentor.

WSA is excited to offer a 25% discount to members of the FBSN. At checkout just add coupon code FBSN for the discount to be applied.