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Anchorman Door Barricading Device

Co-founders of Anchorman Inc., Tom Giandomenico and Jeff Coates, decorated SWAT trainers and tactical officers from Los Angeles.  They have breached hundreds of entries over their careers.  During a raid in 2003 on a biker gang’s safe house, they were unable to breach one particular door.  After many failed attempts and once the warrants were served, they noticed a device installed by the bikers to prevent entry.  An idea was born and this was the precursor to the Active Crisis Tool (ACT) ANCHOR we have today.  The patented “SAFE ZONE creation device” has gone through several design improvements and has come to be recognized as the finest tool of its kind among top security professionals.  Anchorman Devices +6 Intuitive + Door remains CLOSED + Groos motor skills – only + First responder accessible from the outside + Made in the USA + Doesn’t depend on electricity + Durable and destruction proof + You remain undetected + Designed by SWAT Pros