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Welcome to the FBSN Members-only, password protected on-line forum. Only active FBSN members have access to this forum, where you will find assorted groups to be a part of.

Your privacy is very important to the FBSN. This is a password-protected site. The FBSN manages who can enter based upon membership status. Though it is password protected, with only vetted FBSN members, there is always risk involved with the internet.

While we have worked hard to develop and manage a secure forum, the FBSN cannot promise full safety and security any more than the pastor of your church can assure that nobody will be hurt in Sunday School; no matter how experienced the protection team is.


‚ÄčIf you are an active FBSN member you should have received an invitation to join this forum. If you are an active FBSN member and have not yet received an invitation, please let us know by writing

If you are not yet an FBSN member, we invite you to join this growing association today, by going to the New Member Applications tab and applying.

We are better together with you.