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Evil Invades Sanctuary By Carl Chinn

While some consider the need for security in religious organizations, little gets done until somebody gets hurt. Evil in Sanctuary confirms the need for intentional safety and security in houses of worship and other faith-based organizations.

Though chapter 4 provides sound guidance on setting up a faith-based safety / security operation, Evil Invades Sanctuary is not a how-to church security book. It is the case for security in faith-based organizations. It tells the story of deadly force incidents in those environments in such a way to help others (especially law enforcement, civilian security operators and organizational leadership) understand what goes on inside such a scene. It also tells how less volatile issues have impacted those organizations.

The lessons learned from those incidents form the base message of the book; that faith-based organizations must increase their awareness of (and preparation for) the accidental, criminal, or environmental hazards capable of compromising their primary purpose.

Active shooters, mass killers, workplace violence, domestic violence and other deadly encounters affect not only schools, theaters and malls but churches as well. All such sites are captive concentrations of typically unprepared victims.

Evil in Sanctuary is a wake-up call for any mass assembly of people, especially faith-based settings. The book motivates readiness and prepares safety minded professionals to state the case clearly to their leadership, peers and community.

Evil has invaded sanctuary, and will do so again.


Evil Invades Sanctuary