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Code of Conduct

Supporting my service to the FBSN, I agree to the following:

  • Practice precepts of service, integrity, accountability and honesty in all my duties.
  • Promote the advancement of professional safety operations in faith-based environments.
  • Support the education of members and the general public in a diligent, loyal, honest manner, and not knowingly be a part of any illegal or improper activities.
  • Serve in accordance with all local, state and federal laws.
  • Cooperate with others in the interchange of knowledge and ideas for mutual protection.
  • Use the resources and products of the FBSN for the service of the safety of our faith-based community.
  • Protect any and all information entrusted to me from public release in any way without prior approval of the leadership.
  • Maintain confidentiality, and prevent the use for competitive advantage at the expense of other members, of information obtained in the course of my involvement with FBSN, which includes but is not limited to:
  • Information concerning the business of a fellow member or company.
  • Information identified as proprietary, confidential or sensitive.
  • Protect and respect the privacy rights, civil rights, and physical and intellectual property rights of others.