08 Dec: Sexual Abuse: Pervasive and Devastating

When a priest became bishop, a former student claimed the bishop had taken him out of class, into a private room and fondled him in a school years before. The allegations were ignored by the church and law-enforcement. The bishop had friends in high places. The bishop’s abuse allegedly continued more years, with more victims and thousands of dollars in gifts to those friends in high places. Some became victims due to trips, where young seminarians had the joy of accompanying the bishop on exotic travel. In another case a parent found a church volunteer in a car on their property with their 15-year-old son, involved in sexual activity. It had been happening for two years. In another case, a pastor was discovered to have been sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl he had tutored alone. In Texas a church volunteer is pleading with parents of children aged 3-10, for forgiveness…

01 Dec: A Special Request.

Since giving my life to Christ in 1978, and discovery through my personal bible study after, I recognized a mandate to share encouragement and perspective. As life experiences unfolded, the specific arena I was called to devote myself to became clear; faith-based security. I believe every faith-based organization, be it a church of seven on Sunday or a bible-based outreach operating in every nation, should be intentional about the security of their people. Many of you are doing that and getting better at it every year. I try to encourage or share perspective with you each week through these Think About It (TAI) articles. I don’t remember what year I first sent an e-mail to my fellow team members at New Life Church titled, “Think About It.” After months of doing it on a periodic basis, I quit for a long time. Then I got an e-mail from one of…

24 Nov: Start Small; Manage Well

We heated with wood in our first home in 1978, then returned to woodstove heat with our current Colorado home in 1992. Most winter mornings find me at 4:00 AM stoking coals, dumping ashes and putting in a new log. Many afternoons I am splitting, stacking or moving wood. We watch weather with purpose too. Moving extra wood in at times, keeps me from digging through snow for it. I like high country winters. I am one who feels every moment should count. If I stop at a café when traveling, I take my laptop in and work while I’m eating. There is a time every winter morning however, when I sit mesmerized by a small ember, watching it become a roaring fire. It’s intriguing how something so small, ignites things much bigger. Occasionally it just doesn’t take. Then I need to add kindling or re-arrange the coals and log….