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To Stop a Killer

It’s difficult to grade the scales of awful when it comes to actions of evil. But one deadly force attack on churches rises to the level of the worst ever in America.

9 children, 16-years-old and under were violently executed. 17 adults were sadistically slaughtered in the same attack. Consistent with how we sit together in church as families, 6 families lost more than one in the attack. Astonishingly, 9 were taken from one family alone. 26 died in a matter of minutes. The youngest still in the womb, the oldest 77.

Among the injured were a 6-year-old boy who would be the last released from the hospital, a 17-year-old who’s dreams of being a U. S. Marine were cut away by 7 bullets and a bible study leader who survived being shot 8 times.

That day, 11/5/2017 at the Sutherland Springs (Texas) First Baptist Church, the killer would find a struggling wounded victim, walk up to them and execute them mercilessly. As he walked up to his last intended victim to do that, a challenge shout came from outside the smoke-filled sanctuary-turned-death chamber.

For reasons we may never know, the killer dropped his A/R, took up his handgun, and raced outside to battle what I’m sure he thought was a host of police.

Instead of a surrounding ring of law-enforcement when the killer exited the church, there was just Stephen Willeford. A white-haired bare-footed plumber from down and across the street.

With his door already open and his SUV still running in front of the church, the killer probably thought he’d get away with no more resistance than that.


Like so many good Americans, Stephen had trained with his A/R for years – even participating in self-defense training on how to defend against a killer wearing bullet resistant clothing (as this killer was). Stephen Willeford was called and prepared for such a time as this.

Not only did every shot Stephen fired have a serious effect on the killer, Stephen wasn’t backing off until the killer surrendered or died.

Stephen Willeford will be returning once again to our annual security operations summit to share his story.

Think About it

Make plans to come to SOS.23 and hear the story straight from the one who stopped the most brutal church massacre in American history.

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