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Tell it Again!

There is a scene in the epic movie, Dances With Wolves, where John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) stops a buffalo as it is running down a frightened and helpless young Sioux boy. Dunbar fires the killing shot at the lost moment and the boy’s life is saved. Back in camp that night, there is a lot to celebrate. The celebration lasts well into the night. Not only had they experienced a great hunt, but word had spread about Dunbar saving the boy’s life.

Well into the night, the joyful crowd asks the wearying Dunbar to “tell the story again.” He first says he can’t, but then goes ahead and thrills the audience with re-telling the story.

There is something in our nature that is inspired when we hear someone speak of great deeds; especially speakers personally experienced in what they talk about.

The annual SOS of the FBSN is blessed to have many speakers who have performed valiant deeds in ways that truly represent Godly and extraordinary achievements.

Over the next few articles, we will highlight some of this year’s speakers.

Greg Stevens was a seasoned police officer when he noticed an extra-duty gig to provide security at a weekend event at the Curtis Cullwell Center in Garland, TX. It seemed like an easy 5 hours to pick up some overtime, so he signed up.

As other officers concentrated all around the core of the event, Greg’s duty was to watch the service delivery entrance far away from the central hub of activity.

That turned out to be where the ISIS inspired terrorists decided to enter that mass gathering event to kill. Getting through one cop and an unarmed security guard probably seemed easy as they jumped out of their car with two AK-47’s and 1,500 rounds of ammo.

They didn’t know the cop they chose to go through was one who took his training and duty very seriously. With no hesitation Greg recognized what was happening and responded. When the smoke cleared, Greg had fired 14 times from his Glock 21. The 2 wannabe terrorists had fired over 30 rounds from their AK-47’s. Greg was untouched, and the terrorists dead.

Think About it

Make plans to come to SOS.23 and hear this humble warrior emphasize how we should “train like our life depends on it.”

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