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annual summit of Faith-Based Safety & Security Operators

Faithful defenders do all they can to be better prepared for the evil so prevalent and increasing across our nation. Training and intensive conferences are among the top things available for this purpose.

Years ago, I envisioned an annual summit of vetted safety / security operators coming together from across the U.S. to establish meaningful relationships with each other, learn from experienced presenters and participate in top shelf teaching and training.

The first faith-based Security Operations Summit transpired in 2018. Covid blocked SOS.20, but we are moving now towards SOS.23 (the 5th annual summit).

Last year we selected the Nashville, TN area as the site for SOS.23. It will be July 27, 28 & 29 (optional full day intensive hands-on Train-the-Trainer classes on 7/26 are already nearly sold out).

Things that make the SOS event so relevant are;

  1. We are not just trying to fill seats and sell tickets. We want assurance of no impostors taking information for evil intentions (I have experienced that myself in other events I spoke at). The audience is vetted.
  2. The best guides are those who’ve been where they are leading. SOS presenters are confirmed to be genuine leaders in their space.
  3. Because of the vetted audience, those presenters share details beyond what they would share with an open audience; attendees get more from the presentation. It’s also why we do not livestream or record the presentations.
  4. We recognize the value (and distinctions) of both teaching and training. The SOS is a combination of both. Break-out courses are more conducive to physical hands-on training (being smaller classes), while plenary sessions are mostly educational in nature. There are specific values to both.
  5. The summit also features a trade floor of relative suppliers of applicable products and services. Breaks in the classes are intentional and the time for those breaks is as critical as the presentation times. Therefore, the SOS attracts the highest quality of sponsors for trade floor activities.

Think About it…

If you serve in the capacity of law-enforcement, ministry leadership, ministry safety / security or are an official emergency first responder or chaplain, this is the annual event to be a part of.

We have recently extended the early bird registration time (reduced cost) to 5/31/23. We will tell more about our speaker lineup next week, but to review the event or register go to

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