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An Invitation to Join the FBSN

Two weeks ago, a Faith-Based Security Network (FBSN) member posed a question regarding a situation they had dealt with at their church. In the week that followed, many answers came to her from other FBSN members in the secure forum. One of those answers was so thorough, we posted it as last week’s Think About It (TAI) article.

We appreciate the many who read this weekly TAI. We know many of you who read it are not FBSN members. The weekly TAI is intended to remain a weekly service to non-members, but we wanted to take a moment this week to ask those of you who are not members to consider becoming a member.

The FBSN is a 501c3, professional membership association of faith-based (primarily church) security operators. It is a vetted membership where individuals apply for membership (details of qualifications are posted on the public website at

The publicly posted Q & A of the last two weeks was a public glimpse into the FBSN membership operations of members helping members. The FBSN operates a password protected forum only accessible by those who have cleared the vetting process and are now members of the FBSN.

The FBSN now has members interacting with other members from 46 states and Washington DC. Of course, some members are more active than others, but all are connected with each other in the forum.

Connectivity is the greatest benefit of membership. Answers to questions on issues are answered by the collective acumen of many, not just one opinion. What works for one church may be the wrong for another. The FBSN is strong in the collective acumen of many seasoned members.

General members are also connected to the specialized and often discounted services of many best-in-class products and services of our Affiliate Members. If your company has a relative product or service, consider becoming an Affiliate Member (read more at

Think About it.

In 1908, U.S. President, Teddy Roosevelt stated that, “Every man owes part of his time and money to the business or industry to which he is engaged.”

We invite you to consider membership in the FBSN.

We aren’t perfect, but we are pursuing excellence. We aren’t experts, but we’re experienced.

We need you with us as we build together on this noble endeavor of protecting our people in our faith-based organizations.

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