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An Answer to Last Week’s Question

Last week’s message was about an incident which happened to an FBSN member in which she ended with the questions; Did they do the right thing? What would Jesus do?

The most thoughtful answer came from FBSN member Kurt Owen. Kurt has been in ministry for over 30 years and was a private investigation and executive protection contractor prior to (and continuing in) his ministry.

Kurt’s response;

In praying about last week’s story and having dealt with well over 100 of these situations in ministry, there remains no one simple answer.

What Would Jesus Do? Though we lay hold of The Mind of Christ daily (I Cor 2:15), we don’t have perfect discernment. He does. I hope I am getting it right; He knew He was getting it right.

However, there are applicable principles.

Our security teams must be prepared (trained) naturally as well as spiritually.

  1. Trained to be true people of prayer based on relationship, not religion.
  2. Trained in using the Name of Jesus the same way earlier disciples did. Not as a magic word but as The Name above everything named.
  3. Train in spiritual weapons as well as natural ones.
  4. Train to look for guidance from The Holy Spirit before, as and after we act.

Jesus was clear in that we are not able to help everyone. Many will not receive it. This isn’t necessarily failure on our part. If we do fail, being cunning as serpents and harmless as doves, repent and see how change can be made. If not in that situation, the next.

Some guidelines at our churches:

Proverbs 15:1 says, “A soft answer turns away wrath” if you are giving soft answers and things are not calming down, it’s probably not natural anger and it’s time to use The Name.

The Word and The Spirit of God is the only thing that truly changes people. Tolerate a lot until harm (spirit, soul, body, financial or social) is imminent. Then you give a warning or remove them.

Make accommodations to help them. If they reject or rebel, they either don’t want help, or we aren’t the right ones to help them.

Paul dealt with throwing people out of church. Not because God didn’t love them or want to help them but because their refusal to change would harm the body.

Think About it

Does your team train scripturally and spiritually?

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