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Veteran’s Thoughts on Church Security

I regret being too selfish as a young man to have served in the military. Selective service ended just before I came of draft age and I didn’t want the authority of peacetime military structure in my life. While that poor decision was redeemed by other things (especially the girl I met who remains my wife), I did miss something of value.

I encourage any young person to seriously consider service in the military. I am honored that 2 of our sons and 1 son-in-law made that choice.

This week we honored those who did serve. On Saturday the 12th, we had the opportunity to hear from 14 veterans who serve their churches as security leaders and operators. I wanted to know what some of the values were that they developed in the military that continue to influence the way they conduct themselves as responsible defenders.

Following are some of those values.

Leadership and teamwork. To have served in an organized structure with authority, rank and missions instilled those concepts into those veterans. They continue to operate as leaders recognizing the value of a team working together towards common goals.

Honor and discipline. Do the right thing for the right reasons. Always. The honor is knowing right from wrong and the discipline means you do it every time.

Punctuality. Veterans relate punctuality to honor. At the FBSN we like to say effective service is being ready, willing and able. Ready means you show up (you’re there and present). Veterans show up on time.

Extreme attention to detail. This trait enforced by their training, stays with veterans and serves them well in their life duties.

Command presence. These men spoke of training that prepared them to be so confident of their mission, that someone else’s rank is not to be confused with their authority in a given space.


Think About it

These are just a few of the values that make veterans great family, leaders and friends. Service in the military changes a person. The mission they serve while in service is critical to our American way of life and the values they learned while serving continue to make this nation great.

November 11th is a great day to be reminded of that each year but make it a point every day to be grateful for the service they continue to give.

Thank you, veterans!

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