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The Right Time to do the Right Thing

Moving back to a working farm, my wife and I knew there would be good surprises and bad ones. Some of those surprises are just forgotten realities. We are enjoying far more good than bad, but the bad ones are there.

An example is the flies. Flies follow cattle. They get worse this time of year as they are looking for warmth. And this year, we started our biggest remodel project on our house in October. Building on and replacing deteriorated structure, means lots of holes until the remodel is done.

Flies are like the constant efforts of our enemy, the devil. When the sanctuary (our home, our church, our nation) has holes in it, the flies come in. In our nation, those bent on ushering in advanced levels of immorality (in the name of acceptance), are essentially standing at the door keeping it open. Those at the greatest risk are the children.

There is a consensus that taking children out of the public school system saves them exposure to the relentless moral trickery. That door however, is wide open through many other avenues. Especially (and especially heartbreaking) through youth activities in our churches.

If you just scoffed thinking, “not at my church” you are probably in denial.

The real question is, what do you do about it when you discover it.

As an FBSN member said recently, “It’s always the right time to do the right thing.”

Think About it

Here are three ways to do the right thing now.

  1. Make sure your home is solid with no moral holes for the flies to get in.
  2. Have those hard conversations with your children and grandchildren. Don’t ask them if there are examples of bad or troubling influence in their circles of relationships (family, friends, school and church), ask them what examples of that they see. If there is anything that qualifies as worthy to take to church or school leadership, do it. Be familiar with your state’s mandatory reporting laws and make sure you are following them.
  3. Tuesday is voting day. Morality matters. Do your part to get the right people in the right seats and the right laws confirmed.

National morality has been eroding for years. It gets fixed one home, one church and one vote at a time. Plug the holes.

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