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In Case of Emergency…

By the last night of our just-concluded Security Operations Summit, we had wrapped up many sessions of great presentations. Our speaker lineup this year, their topics and presentations were home runs.

Saturday morning, 7/30/22 would start with our annual Meeting of the Members then concluding presentations.

Board members had worked to confirm that critical annual meeting would go without a flaw. It was going to be complicated. About 100 voting members live in the audience plus many more on Zoom. With motions allowed from the floor, 2 of 4 votes would have to be written on the fly.

Technology was a challenge. We had to have a way of hearing those on Zoom, them hearing us, and everyone being able to vote. Timing was critical. We had to start at 07:30, be wrapped up by 08:45 and doors open for non-members at the conference for closing morning presentations.

The first test run on Wednesday had been awful. Fortunately, one of our board members was an expert in IT solutions so worked through many of the issues.

In the middle of the day on Friday (just before our critical meeting Saturday morning) , that board member was taken away by a family emergency.

We recruited other technical experts from our membership and Evangel University to help us with the technology coordination.

As we worked late into the night Friday, our Chairman stressed how nothing could go wrong – we had to get the technology working right and have manual back-ups. By 9:00 PM it was obvious we would have to work through a few more things, then do another run-through early Saturday morning.

By 07:30 we had all the spinning parts working well and called the meeting to order. Votes were taken, decisions made, then we began to wrap it up.

As we headed towards closing comments a loud bang was heard and the sanctuary went completely dark. I will never forget that sound or looking up to see the last dying glimmers of the once-bright lights.

Think About it

While the investigation into the campus wide power outage continues, early reports are that lightning had struck a nearby transformer.

Our best laid and most rehearsed plans are always subject to personal emergencies and lightning strikes.

What matters is how you respond. Within minutes power was restored to find us moving forward for the first presentation of the day and all annual meeting business taken care of.

SOS.23 was an outstanding success. You should have been there!

Among the results of the votes are;

SOS.23 (to end on July 29th, 2023) will be in the Nashville, TN area

SOS.24 (to end on July 27th, 2024) will be in the Charleston, SC area

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