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Hate Crimes Revisited

Most violence against persons or groups is hate based. To define only crimes against certain lifestyles or cultures as hate-based is not solution driven.

The most violent attack in a U. S. school was the bombing of the Bath, Michigan Consolidated School on May 18th, 1927. School Board member Andrew Kehoe was enraged over property tax issues and the pending foreclosure of his own property. He rigged explosives into the school that killed 45 (most were children 7-12 years old). 

By today’s definition of a hate crime, that attack would not qualify.

Nor does much of the violence directed against the Christian Faith. The killer that came to our church in 2007 hated the name given him by his parents because it (Matthew) was a Christian name. In at least one of his suicide diatribes, he summarized his spite for Christianity by declaring, “Christian America, this is your Columbine.” By the end of that day 4 Christian youth had been killed by him.

The FBI did not enter that attack into their hate crime logs.

What if he had written similar things about Islam or homosexuality, then killed 4? Media frenzy would have gone wild. And they would be right – it would be a hate crime. My issue is not with crimes that are considered hate crimes, it is with those that are not.

I question what purpose the classification serves at all.


Think about it …

You know who they are in your circle. The one who literally trembles and changes demeanor when you approach a particular subject. The danger comes in their lack to hear anyone or anything of a different opinion than their’s without firing back.

If you have someone on your security team that is strongly opinionated, you may need to rethink their appointment. Your ministry is responsible for the actions of the people appointed to serve. If that person is involved in a security intervention, where the stopped party was of a persuasion that your team member is known to despise, how will that impact your legal defense?

As we get closer to the 2024 elections, we will see hatred towards faith-based people and places increase. Count on it. Be prepared, but don’t get caught up in it.

Pastor Charles Simpson once said, “Christ was the master at upholding the standard while ministering to the exception.”

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This is spot on Carl! America is caught up in being able to classify it or score it! Most of which are sounds bites for the cause and having nothing to do with solutions!

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