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Are you ready, willing and able?

Now that the actual videos of the Uvalde School attack are circulating, the atrocities of that attack rekindle our anger. Everything about a brutal attack angers us, but a botched response strikes a distinct nerve. Would you do any better if an attack unfolded in front of you?

When a killer, in a room full of horrified and doomed children, shoots through the walls and door at you as a responder, will you press in through the deadly barrage to stop him or will you run away? Is it courage or suicide to run into the gunfire when you can’t see the killer?

That question won’t really be answered until it happens. Training is critical, but it takes more than training (ability). One must be present (ready) and mentally prepared (willing). This is why the FBSN focuses efforts on three words; ready, willing and able.

Those three words drive our annual summit event each year. There are only three days left to register for the event this year (registration ends on 7/20/22).

Newton (MO) County Sheriff Chris Jennings and Deputy Cameron Kruse will share the case study of their effective efforts at stopping the church killer in Neosho, MO on 8/12/2007.

Renowned Author & Trainer, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Dave Grossman will speak on the criticality of our calling.

Use of Force Expert Steve Ijames will share his vast knowledge and understanding of use of force.

Ed Mirales will share lessons learned from his experiences in the FBI (including the 1985 Miami FL shootout) and how the agency learned and changed from real world experiences.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Ed Monk has become one of the nation’s most respected voices on stopping killers and will share his findings with the audience.

Stephen Willeford (who stopped the Sutherland Springs Texas church killer) and Jack Wilson (who stopped the White Settlement Texas church killer) will both share their personal stories of those actions.

Professional Team Builder Rex Miller (RexMiller.com) will be our ending keynote speaker on Saturday.

These are just 9 of 36 presenters at the three day summit of church and ministry protectors presenting 7/28, 29 and 30 at Evangel University in Springfield, MO.


Think About it

If there is one conference to attend each year to strengthen your effectiveness as a protector, it is the annual Security Operations Summit. Designed to help you be ready, willing and able to defend your ministry.

Register here: https://fbsnamerica.com/sos/

Listen to a podcast of our closing keynote speaker, Rex Miller here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-resilience-lab/id1615776491?i=1000558841664

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