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True Love

Thinking of astronauts, one might recall the movie, “The Right Stuff.” Pilots. The top in their field. Willing to demand a window in their space capsule or walk away from the program.

Thinking of explorers, we recall the stories of Lewis & Clark. Rugged men with a passion for adventure.

Whether the considered subject is soldiers, athletes or nurses we all have an image in our mind of that group of people.

What is a church security operator? As the president of the Faith-Based Security Network there aren’t many who’ve met as many of them as I have. Allow me to share what I see.

While many are retired (or current) law-enforcement or military, the majority are not. The ratio is probably a little higher (higher still in larger churches) than the ratio in the general public, but not high enough to warrant that as a constant image. Those who are not law-enforcement however, recognize the need for law-enforcement support, connectivity and principles.

They are mostly from the trades. Construction, agricultural, education, medical, office or other workers by career. They do what they do because they are concerned for the safety of the people they love. The constant is that they are individuals who have observed evil in mankind and are therefore protectors by heart.

If a shot goes off in their crowd (regardless of where they may be at the time), their first visual pan of the scene is not to find the exits. But they know where they are. They move toward the threat as others move out.

Few of them are paid for what they do or get reimbursement for the training and equipment they invest in to improve their readiness. Most are not only volunteers in action but go beyond and keep the lights on and the pastor paid at their small churches by being diligent with their giving. It isn’t about the pay. They serve because they believe in their associated ministry.

It isn’t just a guy thing. There are many women who are protectors by heart as well. And it isn’t only retired people (but many are).

They’re faithful, doing it week after week, year after year.

Think About it

They may not have little hearts drawn on their notebooks or LOVE bumper stickers, but they know love.

To all of them, Thank you.

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