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Evil Stopped

The actions of Jack Wilson on December 29, 2019 were honorable, precise and powerful. The antithesis of the dissipating culture of today and probably why his story was quickly moved away from by main-stream media.

But to those who protect their friends and families in churches across America every Sunday, Jack’s crucial intervention at the West Freeway Church of Christ, remain as confirmation of why they do what they do.

A man bent on evil came into their church that Sunday as the congregation was in worship. Though he looked and acted suspicious, the church had specifically located in that Fort Worth Texas suburb to reach the homeless community. It was their ministry, so the man was let in to experience the life-changing love of Christ. Jack and his team of protectors however, kept a close eye on the man.

When the man suddenly pulled a 12-gauge shotgun, Richard White (one of those protectors) was the first killed. The killer quickly pumped another round in and swung to Usher Tony Wallace (holding communion nearby), killing him. The killer pumped another round in but the third shot was fired from Jack Wilson. Just 6 seconds after the killer produced his shotgun, he was dead. Thanks to the very fast response of Jack Wilson.

It was all caught on video.

Families were changed forever. Not because of the actions of the defender, but because of the actions of evil. The defender stopped the bloodshed immediately. Then, what Jack Wilson did in 6 seconds was evaluated and scrutinized by people playing it in slow motion, backing up the tape and replaying, discussing among the experts, then offering all their own shoulda / coulda / wouldas. I did it too.


Think About it.

Jack will tell his story at the SOS event this year in Springfield, MO. There will be no NEWS cameras in the room, and nobody in the audience that hasn’t been vetted as a protector. Just Jack’s story from the time they first saw the killer to the chaos and legal impacts after he was stopped.

Many legal defense organizations say how they can defend you. U.S. Law Shield (the premier sponsor for the FBSN SOS event) can tell you what they did for Jack Wilson.

You’ve probably heard what others have said about that attack. Come to SOS.22 and hear it straight from Jack.

Registrations for SOS.22 end July 20th. Register here soon! https://fbsnamerica.com/sos

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