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Thank’s Again, Dad

Those who know me well, know how grateful I am for the parents I had. I could never for a moment complain about the home I grew up in, or the values passed to me from Mom & Dad.

I wrote my first “Thank You, Dad” for Father’s Day 2 years ago (Link to June 2020 TAI). This Father’s Day I have new appreciations.

My wife and I moved (January 19th of this year) into the farmhouse where Dad was born (1921) and where his Dad was born (1897).

Most mornings find my wife and I sitting out front, with our coffee, under the shade of 3 huge Elm trees. My older brother told me Dad planted those trees when he was a teenager (that would have been in the 1930’s).

For a young man to have the vision for shade, is an inspiration to me.

We moved here during some of the most tumultuous business times I’ve ever been through. I wasn’t alone. American businesses, and especially non-profits, went through a storm the last 2 years.

For our specific ministry (a membership of those active in faith-based security), the aftershocks of the storm continue as violence erupts frequently in Houses of Worship and faith-based organizations across America. Covid and political strife hit like a hurricane. Now the social unrest and anger is like the floods following the hurricane.

Think About it

Isaiah said of God, “You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. For the breath of the ruthless is like a storm…” (Isaiah 25:4-5).

I enjoyed a panel discussion of church security professionals across America on 6/18/22. The question was, “what is the real root cause of the frequent violent church attacks?”

The consensus was unanimous. Mental health, video games, politics and social unrest are all contributors. To line up behind any one of them however, is too linear of a position for a complex and dynamic problem.

As concluded yesterday, America has forgotten (and many flat deny) that we are a three-part species. There is body, mind and spirit. We can’t fix the problems by only looking at physical and mental issues and corrections. We don’t have a mental health, gun or political problem; we have a sin problem.

It’s time we do our part to plant some shade.

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