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Stopping Active Shooters

Ed Monk grew up shooting firearms of all types from the time he was 5 years old. After going through West Point, he served as a U.S. Army Officer for 20 years retiring as a Lt. Colonel and Battalion Commander in 2007. Since retiring from the military, Ed has continued in Law Enforcement but also picked up a very specific training focus along the way.

Ed became very interested in the study of active shooters and how to best stop them some years ago. After retiring, Ed sought out advanced levels of personal professional development by becoming a Rangemaster certified instructor (master level) for handguns, certified by ALERRT as a CRASE instructor and by Response Options (which became ALICE) as an instructor for Solo Officer Response to Active Killers.

From his lifetime of momentum of protection, came his laser focus on understanding and countering the active shooter threat. Ed began to see there was very little specific attention given towards training based on how to counter that threat it in a realistic, logical way that saves the most lives.

For example, as right as we are to promote gun safety (know your target and what’s beyond) we also say to train like we fight. But what happens when we go to range? Nobody steps in front of the muzzle line for safety. Ed’s training does not put people in danger, but there are ways to train for the distractions and chaos you will have in front of you in a real scenario.

And, of course, there is mental mindset. Ed was recently at a National School Safety conference where a panel of “experts” discussed the issues of security. One School Superintendent on the panel stated, “It is not our responsibility to stop an active shooter; that is up to law-enforcement.” As long as that mentality exists, we’ll continue seeing more Columbine / Parkland / Uvalde attacks. Active shooters are coming but schools still plan around the day that shooter doesn’t show up instead of the day he does.

This is the type of failed mental mindset Ed is committed to changing.

Watch this short video for more information on Ed Monk: https://youtu.be/vnOIxu9Wmns

Think About it

Ed immersed himself in this study and now trains law-enforcement and armed citizens around the country to understand the active shooter threat, and how best to quickly stop them.

He is a presenter at SOS.22; one more reason you should be there


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