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Learning From Tragedy

Commentators with no more expert perspective than shared anguish, are all over news and social media regarding recent evil attacks. They blame every possible cause except the reality of evil. Then, from their clueless platforms, recommend solutions no more effective than throwing water on a grease fire.

The same frenzied voices who called to defund and disarm police are the ones to grab a bullhorn and blast out when police actions are not tactical enough to save their children. Whether on the news or in the streets, they are just rioters. The character of rioters hasn’t changed since the riot at Ephesus in Acts 19. The 32nd verse says, “…some were shouting one thing, some another. Most of the people did not even know why they were there.”

We should be listening to professionals. One is Ed Mireles, a well-known former FBI agent. Ed will share his experiences at our SOS event this year. His book, “FBI Miami Firefight: Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau” is indicative of how true professionals learn from hard experiences, then pass it onto others.

In a deadly battle with dangerous criminals in Miami, Florida on April 11, 1986, two special agents were killed, and several others wounded. Though severely injured, Mireles fired his shotgun one handed to prevent the suspects from escaping then charged them, fatally wounding both. His heroic actions prevented further injury to his fellow agents and innocent citizens.

Mireles retired in 2004, then spent years working in Iraq as a Law Enforcement advisor to the Iraqi Police. He served with the Marines in Fallujah, the 10th Mountain Division in Baghdad and Basrah and with the U.S. State Department in Baghdad. He also worked with the State Department training police in Mexico and Belize.

Think About it

Mireles fought with the heart of a lion. He ushered in needed changes to the F.B.I. then taught agencies in the most volatile environments on the globe for years.

Recent history proves we must up our game to be truly prepared to stop evil. To do that, we need to listen to the right people. People who, like Ed Mireles, were ready, willing and able.

We need to learn from him and the host of other qualified presenters at SOS.22.

With Early-Bird pricing extended to 5/31, you can read up at this link (which includes registration links): https://fbsnamerica.com/sos

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