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Do Armed Citizen Defenders Increase Risk?

Within a few hours of writing last week that the animus in America is palpable, a man drove from Las Vegas to an LA Suburb and opened fire, killing one and injuring five. He was angry over Taiwan separating from China.

As usual, my media enquiries started soon after. Some wanted to know if it’s time for metal detectors at churches. One was horrified that I suggest designated teams of armed defenders be ready in churches. I told her that good and brave men like Dr. John Cheng (who died charging and disrupting the killer) would not have to die if there were armed responsible defenders.

She said, “Even more would be in danger if normal citizens were armed!” I’m tired of hearing that. I’ve even spoken in church security events where some “trainer” with all his credentials attempts to convince the audience that citizen defenders with guns would only endanger the rest of the congregation.

When Jack Wilson killed the killer in his church in White Settlement, TX (who had just killed 2 and planned to kill more) a Dallas Morning News reporter expressed the same concern to me. I asked her if it had ever happened (an armed defender protecting others in a church hurt innocent people). She said she doesn’t track those things. I encouraged her to take her time, research it and call me back. Dig deep.

She wouldn’t.

Think about it.

We have dug deep. I challenge any reader to find a single case where an armed citizen defender injured others in their actions to protect their ministry. Or school, or grocery store. While the FBSN does not study schools or grocery stores, we do study faith-based organization attacks.

As I tell reporters, you won’t find a case where an armed defender hurt the innocents they were protecting at a ministry.

We can name you hundreds who died wishing someone with the capacity to stop the attack had intervened for them.

Don’t misunderstand; concern for innocent by-standers is part of any good training. But the fear of innocent injury is not the compelling reason not to have an armed team ready to defend their friends and family in church.

Not any more than prohibiting people from driving for fear of the pedestrians they may run over.

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Carl, you and I have discussed this several times. My offer still stands, if anyone can find an incident an ordinary armed citizen already on scene shot the wrong person, I will spring for a steak dinner for two; in their home town, not London. We worry too much about the wrong thing. Cops, Bless them, arriving on a chaotic scene, having to quickly figure out what is happening, have sometimes made that mistake. God Bless, happy trails, Jim Floyd

Jim — I meant to call you to m make sure you knew I had finally written about this. So glad to see you were still watching for it! You are SO RIGHT — we worry about the wrong things. It is pure idiocy to make decisions around anomalies and rarities. But that’s what we get out of political leaders. They acquiesce to the noise and ignore the realities.

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