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Security Operations Summit, 2022

Humans are social. We fight better as a battalion, compete better as a team, sing better in a worship service and learn better when we discover together. We are better together.

That’s why we need gatherings: homecomings, reunions, meetings, congregations and conferences.

Fear and federal domination caused our culture to stop gathering for 2 years. Anger and mistrust took root in society, more lethal than any virus. It affected relationships across the spectrum (families, friends, communities and nations) so much the animus is now palpable.

As church doors opened, the returning congregations had changed. There is a perceptible limp and measured caution as people return to gatherings. The effects of 30 months of isolation, restriction and fear placed on society is seen in individual faces. Mistrust is prevalent.

The role of church security has changed as well. It has never been more critical than now to be ready for when that mistrust and anger erupts. Whether in prevention or response, we must be better prepared.

It is essential to seek out knowledge from others. The annual Security Operations Summit (SOS) was launched in 2018 to be the yearly gathering for faith-based protectors from across the nation to come and learn together. Over 200 of the country’s top faith-based protectors have come together from over 25 states each year to strengthen connections and learn together from multiple professional presenters on various topics.

Those presenters recognize the importance of those who stand guard every week at ministries of all types across the nation. Every one of them slashed their typical speaking fees (many waved them altogether) to contribute their knowledge, experience and wisdom to helping SOS event participants.

This year Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Steve Ijames, Michael Mann and many other subject matter experts will teach mental mindset, use-of-force legal, behavioral pattern recognition, hostage negotiations, case studies and many other topics.

Pastor Frank Pomeroy and his wife Sherri will share their testimony of hope, combined with a call for intentional security operations. They didn’t want the label of the most ruthless church attack on American soil (First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, TX where 26 were killed in a domestic rage attack). However, their message coming through it can’t be ignored.

Think About it.

Please consider coming to the 2022 premier gathering of faith-based protectors.

Here is the link to SOS.22 (early registration savings end May 25th): SOS.22 Information with registration links

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