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Faith, Relationship and Trust

Another anonymous contributor to the FBSN “Think About it” series. I will say this is from a current FBSN member and former board member…

Just this morning, a brother in Christ said, about Faith; If you and I knew one another closely, had built a relationship of trust in one another, and needed to walk through a door together, we would have faith in one another.  We wouldn’t need to look over our shoulder.

You see, he was telling me to draw closer into relationship with Jesus.

He continued, “if we approach a scene not knowing each other, and must walk through that door together, we’re going to need to DECIDE whether to have faith in one another.  It’s the same with God.  You can DECIDE to have faith and embrace that decision wholeheartedly.”

When we hear a word from God, that first voice will often be immediately followed by a second.  That is often the enemy trying to steal the word of God and may serve as confirmation of that word.

I was fortunate to hear a sermon on Moses just this weekend.  What that sermon reminded me of, is that Moses, although called, told God he wasn’t capable.  And God was displeased.

When we are called (and it doesn’t need to be a calling to command the unimaginable), we must acknowledge that we are capable in HIM.  We should have the FAITH to step out in His will.


Think about it:

How is your relationship with your God, who created you for relationship?

When we were a young, newly married couple my Bride was to cook a 4-course meal for dozens of people for a class at Church the following Tuesday evening.  We weren’t (that) poor, but we certainly didn’t have the money to buy the food for the meal.  It would be reimbursed, but we just didn’t have the money to float the expense.

Nobody was aware of our circumstance, and frankly I was too arrogant to ask for help.  She knew it would be fine.

During that Sunday service, our Pastor discreetly handed us an envelope.  He said he was asked to give it to us, anonymously.  That envelope contained just enough money for us to buy the food for that dinner.

When I think back upon that, it almost brings tears to my eyes- the Love Jesus had for us, to let us wait on Him, and come through in a way that was unmistakable.

To help me build faith in Him.

Thank God

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