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A Season of Quiet

Thank you to so many who have written, called, thanked and encouraged me through 11 years of writing something for you to think about each week. Thank you more so for what you do for the protection of the people you love every week.

I hope to resume this series someday. Until then, I will read what others have written and hear what others have to say.

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What has the FBSN accomplished over the last 11 years as you have been writing these? May be a good entry while your pausing this so folks can see what their contributions have helped accomplish leaving it on a positive note. Just a thought. Needs no response.

Thank you Jason! Loved your comment the other day about “righting the ship.” Appropriate from a Naval officer. Sure am proud of you.


Thank you for all your articles over the years. Recharge the batteries. The TIA’s will be missed, but life goes on.
Take care and be safe. 10-7


Thank you Tom! Back in the saddle again.

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