2022 February

13 Feb: A Season of Quiet

Thank you to so many who have written, called, thanked and encouraged me through 11 years of writing something for you to think about each week. Thank you more so for what you do for the protection of the people you love every week. I hope to resume this series someday. Until then, I will read what others have written and hear what others have to say.

06 Feb: Giveups and Gottaways

Many churches “take sides” in cultural issues. One of which is the immigration issue. I recently had the opportunity to tour the border in Arizona with a recently retired Border Patrol Deputy Sector Chief. Our three-person team was rounded out with a Police Chief who has lived there his whole life. Any reasonable conversation regarding border control must acknowledge there are good people coming across seeking the better life in America. Any reasonable conversation must also acknowledge that some are coming across for criminal reasons. The Chief summed it up well. The better the border is controlled, the less crime they experience in their border city. Their city is a glimpse into the problems across our nation. Border Patrol has agency slang (certainly not popular in Washington DC) that classifies those coming across into two groups; “Giveups and Gottaways.” I watched a small group of 16 Giveups get processed by…