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Mental Problem or Spiritual Problem?

THANK YOU, FBSN Member Julie Anshasi, for writing this “Think About It” for me in my absence this weekend.

How many of you sheepdogs have had people interrupt your services yelling that they have crack for sale? Or hoist a chair over their head, Jerry Springer style, and rush the pastor? Or get in the pastor’s face and scream, “I’m going to kill you?”

All of this, and more, has happened at my church.

Having been raised in the church; and having attended the services of multiple denominations in my lifetime, I have come to the sad conclusion that the problem of mental illness, while certainly genuine and nothing to be trivialized, doesn’t come close to the problem of demonic possession / oppression. Sometimes it’s not easy to determine if actions are mental, chemically induced, criminal or demonic.

I think of the young man who wandered into our service, sat down, and started yelling as the pastor stepped to the podium. He announced to everyone that he was high, had crack for sale, could hook us up with as much crack as we wanted; crack this, crack that. Our pastor told him to sit down and be quiet or leave.

Why didn’t this young man go to one of his friends’ houses, or a bar, or some crack house, or wherever it is that people go to do crack? Why did he stumble into our church? Was it not because he was crying for help?

When chaos erupts in the church, oftentimes our natural instinct is to call the police. Many cases certainly warrant that phone call. But others do not. We didn’t call the police on the crack-man, and he left.

I feel we failed him.

Many things open the door of our souls to demonic influence. Certainly, drugs are one of them. Drug addiction has exploded exponentially across the US with the unchecked flood of drugs across our southern border.

I strongly recommend reading Neil Anderson’s series on demonic oppression. Dr. Anderson is an ordained Presbyterian minister, and an expert on what most would call exorcism. He has worked with people from all walks of life and helped to deliver many. His books and resources can be found at https://freedominchrist.com


Think About it (this portion added by Carl Chinn)

Protecting the people, while treating the threat as Christ would, is that thing which makes church security so different.

Demonic oppression is as real as drugs, knives and attitudes.

Know your enemy.

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It is such a tough call. Sometimes calling the police can give a person a 24-72 hour window for their head to clear if they are taken to the local hospital psychiatric unit, or the local lock-up.


You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. The problem of church related violence and active killers is based on demonic oppression and possession. Far too often, society is unprepared to encounter such evil, at best, understand how to deal with such evil. Simply calling 911 is only part of the answer. This world is an eternity based war with the satanic forces of the world. It is time for Christian leaders at every level in this world to step up and provide not only prayer, but support and defense against the powers of darkness.
I am currently conducting research and writing my dissertation on the defense against active killer violence in churches in Kansas and Missouri. My goal is to gain a stronger understanding of the threat, as well as raise awareness within the church as I complete the process.

God is the only one who can change the heart of mankind.

I am truly blessed to call Carl Chinn my friend. I met him in Tulsa, OK at a Sheepdog seminar. His message is truly one of hope!

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