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David was destined; both trained and chosen, to be a warrior, then king.

He chose strong men to lead his warriors. He chose especially strong men to protect him, an executive protection detail. There was one truly remarkable man selected as head of that detail.

I Chronicles 11: 4-9 tells of David’s first order of business; retaking the city of Jerusalem, held by the Jebusites for 350 years. As a result of leading troops in that successful action, Joab was appointed Commander in Chief of David’s developing army.

Then the 10th through the 47th verses list those David chose as warrior leaders. 50 men were listed by name, plus references to the sons of Hashem the Gizonite.

Of all those mentioned, only the exploits of 4 were recorded. One of those four, Benaiah, was appointed to oversee David’s bodyguards.

What order of man must you be to be chosen as David’s chief bodyguard?

Benaiah served faithfully and effectively through and beyond David’s life. As David neared death, Benaiah (and all of David’s bodyguards)[i] were some of the few who refused to support a new self-anointed king (pretty boy Adonijah). Even winning over Joab, Adonijah knew better than to invite Benaiah to his big announcement bash.

Benaiah was one of three men (including Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet) David called into his chambers to hear his decree that Solomon succeed him as king. David asked those three to announce it.

That’s when Benaiah proclaimed, “Amen! May the LORD, the God of my lord the king, so declare it. As the LORD was with my lord the king, so may He be with Solomon to make his throne even greater than the throne of my lord King David!” [ii]

Benaiah remained faithful after David’s battles were done.

When leadership was passed to Solomon, Benaiah was so reliable, Solomon appointed him to carry out David’s last words.[iii]  Killing Shemei was the last thing needed so the kingdom could be established firmly under Solomon. Benaiah did it. [iv]


Think About it:

Benaiah would have known Uriah (another of David’s strong men) personally. They had probably trained together and fought together in battle. Benaiah would have known about the scandal.

He served, not because David was perfect, but because he was called to serve David who was called.

That is Executive Protection.

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