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What is it to Care?

I’ve heard it said that one’s sphere of relationships is like a body of water. Some have a small sphere of family, friends and contacts and others have more. Some have a puddle and some a sea.

The larger the body of water, the greater the shoreline. It takes more time to get around to all those relationships and there are more opportunities for both blessings and curses around that shoreline.

It is hard for any of us to put as much into any one of those relationships in our pond as we would like, but some are worthy of more individual time. I don’t have a lake, but with a big family and a network of ministry security operators, my pond is bigger than I ever imagined having.

This last week, one of those I have put significant time into hurt me bad. It was criminal and could be accompanied with pressed charges (I won’t). But doggone it – it hurt. Bad. Why would he do that after I had given so much to him?

That’s when the real message hit me. Who am I to say (or think), “I had given so much?” Think of the sphere of relationship of Christ; He’s got a pretty big cosmos – bigger than any ocean. Think of what He has given (and continues to give) to all of us.

Have I ever disappointed Him? Hurt Him? Bad?

Too often to count the frequency.

Who am I really hurting when I hurt Him? Have my poor decisions caused Him to have less authority? Is His position in the cosmos threatened when I fail? Who is most hurt by my failures?

In my relational example last week, the offense itself was inconsequential to my life. What hurt so much was the poor decision process on the part of the one who committed the offense. Will he continue to make such poor judgements? I know the consequences of deception and foolish choices.

I dealt with him directly and with resolve. I don’t want him to continue that way because I care about him.


Think About it.

Never forget your assignment as an Ambassador of Christ.

Protect without hesitation and with resolve, but care about the protected and the offender.

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