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Never too old for new friends

Sometimes we meet someone who really reminds us of the primary reason we do what we do.

I had heard about Boomer Bennett before I saw him. There had been no pictures or physical description of him, but I recognized him as soon as he walked in.

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Boomer started stealing when he was 4. He got involved in a gang at a very young age and excelled at that life, eventually becoming a gang leader.

Boomer earned his third strike from the California justice system in 2004 and went to prison. Prison didn’t stop gang activity; it just changed the environment.

Boomer and his circle did not hold any value in our traditional things of value; work, relationships or moral values of any kind. It just wasn’t their way of life. But after a prison riot, he gave his life to Christ.

He told God after that conversion that whatever people he should speak to, he would.

Since 2016, Boomer has spoken to a lot of youth and young adults faced with (if not already well into) the tragic spiral of life he had experienced himself. But on 9/24/2021 he spoke to our audience. He stood (for what may have been his first time) in front of a church full of white sheepdogs and gave his testimony. Many were active or former law-enforcement, others were correctional officers, chaplains; most were church security operators.

All were moved.

Boomer has been called to move people to think about what their purpose is. He knows he was meant to live out his life in prison, but after his conversion to Christ now carries that message packaged in Genesis 50:20, You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Prior to accepting Christ, Boomer says he had never done anything good. Boomer has now achieved an associate degree in Koine Greek Studies & Theology from National Bible College (FL) and continues to influence those in his generation and culture (his hood) towards a better tomorrow.


Think About it

Don’t ever get too old for new friends.

I am honored to consider Boomer a friend. He reminds me of why we do what we do.

Everyone has a story; some can tell it. Boomer tells it well. You will hear more about him from me in the future.

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WOW! Thanks big brother for this amazing piece…I am honored!

Looking forward to having you speak to our members Boomer.

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