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I Was Wrong

I’ve long predicted a significant foreign terrorist attack on a church or ministry in America. I believed what we saw happening in other parts of the world were inspirations for attacks on The Great Satan (how Islamic leaders label America).

Where terror reigns — North Africa, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia — the source of the most frequent and deadly attacks seemed by Islamic radicals. Their targets seemed most frequently Christian (cross-bearers or infidels).

In 1977, Ayatollah Khomeini (Iran) began using the phrase ‘the Great Satan’ to describe America and Christian teaching. Ayatollah Khamenei took over as the supreme leader of Iran and the Islamic Republic in 1989 (after Khomeini died) and continues the rhetoric.

In 2015 Khameini told a group in Tehran that,

This “Great Satan” is a very meaningful expression. Chief among all satans in the world is Iblis. But as the Quran specifies, Iblis can only seduce people … he beguiles people. The US, however, both seduces and murders people. It seduces people, and then it imposes sanctions against them; it raises the flag of human rights, and yet, every day an innocent, harmless person is murdered by the police on the streets of the US … all the warmongering in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere, are all the US’ doing.[i]

I felt such rhetoric from the supreme leader of the Islamic world was not only a rallying cry for violent Jihadists, but an insight into how they observe American news (“… murdered by the police on the streets of the US”).

I felt they watch incidents like George Floyd, observing the ripple destructive effect of Americans divided and the potential of increasing that division through violent protests, all working together to weaken the Great Satan.

It seemed that when U.S. Military personnel held a gay parade at Kandahar Airfield (Afghanistan) in 2015, it was flaunting immorality on the home turf of Islam, confirming our label (the Great Satan).

I predicted we would see an attack (be it coordinated by a group or inspired through a lone wolf) by 2020.


Think About it

I was wrong.

About the date.

Now terrorists around the world are high-fiving and chest-bumping over the fall of Kabul. Now they have a safe haven to rally, plan, train and equip.

We are closer every day to seeing an Islamic terrorist attack at an American Church. It’s coming.

I hope to be wrong again.

[i] Aljazeera News, October 15, 2020 https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2015/9/20/who-is-the-great-satan

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