2021 July

04 Jul: The Journey

When I was first handed a security matter at a faith-based organization (FBO) in 1991, it wasn’t a welcome thing. There were so many more important things to do. It was a distraction to deal with. I had no intentions of security becoming a priority in my life. But since the topic first interrupted my day, it became progressively important. Up to the end of the 20th century, the prevailing issue regarding American FBO security was denial and indifference. There were things happening in church, but few saw it, acknowledged it, or did anything about it. As the 20th century began to slip to the 21st, prominent faith leaders were exposed for moral failure and fraud. Violence occurred more frequently at churches. Sexual child abuse became headline news. Scams and scandals were common. The violence struck large city and small rural congregations. The abuse was at catholic and protestant congregations….