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Start Well; end Well


Two of the kindest people I’ve ever met are Frank and Sherri Pomeroy. Their dedication to the people they serve is as strong and pure as you will find in any church.

One of the clearest reviews of horrific criminal action is told by Douglas Burig who takes you through the scene with applicable lessons learned.

Jack and Jayma Wilson are the kind of people you want to live next to and would scoot out a chair for if they walked into the café where you and friends are.

All of them experienced unimaginable carnage and pure evil at places it should have never come to.

Frank and Sherri continue to pastor the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs (Texas) where a mass murder event occurred on 11/05/2017.

Doug Burig was the on-scene law-enforcement commander at the West Nichol Mines, Amish school house (Lancaster County Pennsylvania) mass murder scene on 10/02/2006.

Jack and Jayma Wilson were in the West Freeway Church of Christ sanctuary in White Settlement (Texas) when they came under attack on 12/29/2019.

All five of these fine people spoke at our recent SOS (Security Operations Summit) in Houston Texas.

In a world where seasoned, military trained people come off the battlefield and won’t talk about it, these people can. They do so for the benefit of others who should learn from the evil they witnessed.

How can they do that without falling into an emotional heap of brokenness?


Think About it.

One old warrior in the audience told me after hearing them speak, that he had come home from Afghanistan battle experiences, climbed into a bottle and quickly careened into an awful and failing lifestyle. It was a very personal encounter with Christ that turned him around.

In his experience, as with many others, the battlefield was just the final fires in a flame that had been burning his house down for a long time. It wasn’t the battlefield experiences that were taking him out, it was evil that had been at work in his life long before he went to boot camp in the first place.

Frank Pomeroy on the other hand, said they were strong before the attack. It was their pre-existing strength in Christ that carried them through the carnage.

What you are before a crisis determines how you will be after it. Start well; end well.

Some need to start over. If not now, when?

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Amen my brother, amen!

Frank — it is always an honor to have you and Sherri at our events.

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