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What’s Your Team Culture?

Being in the Facilities Department at a ministry was challenging. There were times we didn’t feel very appreciated. At Focus on the Family, every department started every day with devotionals (devo’s).

Those were first thing in the morning for every department. There would be 50 or more devos happening every day at 08:00.

The Facilities Department couldn’t do devos at 08:00. That is when calls came in from multiple devos that it was too hot, too cold, not enough chairs, funny smells or a needed whiteboard.

One day was particularly maddening. It seemed every devo in every building was demanding something. Everyone needed it 5 minutes ago. I only had 8 guys working for me and we were running every direction. We were too late and too slow to satisfy anyone.

Later that morning the chaos died down and our little group got to have our devo. Everyone was frustrated and used up.

Some devos were set aside for each department to read letters from constituents then pray for the folks who had sent them. It was that day for the Facilities Department.

My first letter was from a lady who had just lost her husband and all her children in a terrible car wreck. As I read her pain I was genuinely moved. The next letter was just as painful. Those two letters crumbled my anger to dust. I realized those people out there needed us.

About that same time, we started going through a program where every department at the ministry developed a Mission Statement and a culture for their teams. Those two letters and the maddening chaos of the day combined to influence that process with us.


Think About it

I wish I still had a copy of the mission statement we developed during that time. I recall however, the concepts discussed as we developed the culture.

Consider these concepts as you define the culture of your security team.

  • A customer is not just someone who pays you for a product or service. A customer is anyone we deal with on a professional basis.
  • The customer isn’t always right; but they are always the customer.
  • A lack of planning on your part, may very well constitute an emergency on my part.
  • We will be life-giving in our attitude and actions.

So many years later I must reset occasionally to align with those concepts.

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