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Changing Methods of Warfare

The first tactical methods of warfare I find in scripture are in the time of King Kedorlaomer (aka Chedorlaomer). In the 14thchapter of Genesis, Kedorlaomer led a coalition of armies against other kings. Tar-pits (which were really slime pits of surface bitumen) were used into which “some of the men fell.” [i] So the attacked kings lured King Ked’s armies over natural features of the land. According to my Thompson Chain Reference, this occurred about 1913 B.C.

By 1500 – 1450 B.C. (Job 39:19-25 & Deuteronomy 20:1-4) horses were being used in battle, and arrows and spears were common.

It seems the only knives (and probably spear and arrow tips as well) prior to about 1200 B.C. were made of flint (Exodus 4:25 and Joshua 5:2-3).

By the time of Samson (1160 B.C.), it was the bronze age (Judges 16:21) and reasonable to assume the weapons of the time were made of metal (Judges 16:17). By the time of David 100 years later, metal weapons were common.

Post biblically, gunpowder and other explosives were invented and perfected along with their delivery methods. Then chemical and biological weapons.

If the world has not just experienced a new level of biological warfare, those with nefarious intentions have seen how to do it effectively.

Now, the current proliferation of information and technology attacks are alarming.

News broke this month that over half (potentially 70%) of the monstrous federal influx of cash intended for pandemic unemployment relief was electronically stolen. Most of that stolen cash is believed to have gone into crime rings in China, Nigeria and Russia.


Think About it

I don’t like computers and have no desire to be a cyber security guru. But information technologies have become critical to our lives.

In 2021 we have seen significant cyber-attacks on Acer (technology manufacturing), Brenntag (chemical distribution), CNA (insurance), the Colonial Pipeline (fuel distribution), JBS (food distribution), the NBA (sports), Steamship Authority of Massachusetts (transportation) and the Washington DC Metro Police (law enforcement) to name but a few.

I also have no desire to be known as a conspiracist. But this snowball of cyber-attacks is not just happenstance. We are under attack.

The prudent see danger and take cover. This new threat will hit our churches. Recognize the weapons of warfare being used around you or you might fall into a slime pit.

[i] Genesis 14:10

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