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Cancel Crime

On page 217 of his book, LA Justice, Robert Vernon wrote, “when wrong is defended, when right is attacked, the pillars of social structure crumble and fall.”

This new cancel craze is not in the least bit about human rights and stopping any form of oppression. It is a growing crusade supporting that which is wrong and opposed to that which is right.

Feel like it is wearing you out? It is. That’s the goal.

Law-enforcement officers, soldiers, preachers, teachers, trainers and others are being monitored for every single word or deed as critics look for a gotcha.

Good is scrutinized and demonized. Bad is defended.

Those who have stepped forward to dedicate themselves to a life of protection service are fighting not only against deeds of deviancy, but against those bent on protecting the doers of those evil deeds.

Cancel craze is like a gale-force wind in the face of anyone willing to do good.

Meanwhile, who is benefiting from this? The criminal benefits. Standing off to the side with a nasty smile, the criminal community is like Barabbas; happy to see the noise distracting social attention from them and their plans of evil.


Think About it

All around us are defenders who continue to come against criminal action. In spite of all those watching and salivating for error, they remain steady in defense of the innocent.

Thank you.

That goes for you standing the halls of your churches this weekend too.

Thank you all for being ready to cancel criminal action.

The thing about gale-force winds is that they blow themselves out.

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