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Every year I hit a new bustle level. There is so much to do; only so much time to do it.

A friend told me once before when I was burning the midnight oils, that he saw me as a man intensely working a log jam in a river trying to save every log from going over the waterfall.

“Sometimes,” he said, “take a breath, stop scrambling and let a few go over.”

It’s a waterfall week. I can’t write a thought this week except to pass on that little piece of advice as I let this weekend’s “Think About It” go over the waterfall.


Think About it

Maybe you too should take a breath, stop scrambling and let some logs go over the waterfall. You can go back and get them later if you must.

The world won’t end because you took a break and you will probably return refreshed and better anyway.

See you next week when I will write again.

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