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Agitation Auditors – an evolving threat (2).

This week’s TAI is reproduced from one in February of 2019. A current hatch of hecklers makes it worth repeating.

Truthers often show up after significant attacks claiming the attack never happened or other idiotic narratives.

A recent variation of truthers is auditors. They show up at some targeted organization and agitate a representative(s) of that organization into a confrontation, trying for YouTube hits and followers (contributors); hoping for that Crem de la Crem of a recorded violation of their civil rights so they can get a lot of attention (maybe get rich).

Fishing for infractions.

On Thursday 2/14/19, an auditor showed up to antagonize a uniformed, contracted armed security guard posted outside a synagogue in Los Angeles. You can watch it (bad language) at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk1YBIYB9uM . It is educational on what to be prepared for. In addition to this cat pulling the guard into an irresponsible use of force (4:06 ) watch as the auditor tantalizes emergency first responders (starting at 12:48) and warns them he is a transgender female and they better be careful who puts their hands on him (14:00). His agitation towards the responders goes clear to the end.

The auditor played it up like a basketball player calling attention to a foul – it’s what they do. He yells for everyone to hear, that he got shot for being on the sidewalk.

Think about it

There is an increasing chance your church security team will encounter auditors.

Watch the video and develop drills for this kind of thing.

It also verifies why it’s not a good idea to use contracted uniformed security. They do not represent your church, but they sure do in the public eye. I like volunteers from the church, but they must be trained for this kind of nonsense.

There are now even more auditors than when I first wrote this 2 years ago. Any city of any size has one (or more). They seem fixated on law-enforcement agencies and houses of worship. They often give their name as Good Citizen.

Here is an example at another church; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmKP2saP3f4

For a really good example of a church who responded well go to; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c0750A7vKKI

And a news article on when officers did not handle it right; https://www.kktv.com/content/news/Colorado-Springs-to-pay-cameraman-41000-after-First-Amendment-audit-of-police-484291511.html

Coming soon to an organization near you.  

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