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Dear Paul,

I look forward to meeting you someday.

I was reading your writings this morning; moved by how you reminded the Galatians in private conversations, that you worried you might be (or had already) run in vain.[i]

You did not run in vain sir. In fact, here over 2,000 years after you penned that concern, hosts of others have completed successful missions guided by the many things you spoke and wrote of then.

I’m not writing to thank you for being a great man. I sense in the tone of your writing you wouldn’t want that.

I am writing you to thank you for caring enough about what you saw, heard and realized to pass it on. I know you didn’t do it so someone would speak (or write) later about “that great guy, Paul.”

You taught because you knew Christ alone is essential. And you preserved your teaching in writing, because you cared about the same people He cared (and continues to care) about.

You wrote because you knew we would all need to be reminded of that and the ways we would be challenged in walking through it. Through history we have often worried that all is, or soon will be lost. That all hope is, or soon will be gone. That we have gone too far. That we will (or have) run in vain.

Though you were plagued by that same concern, your words encourage us now. You sensed that, because you were concerned — you knew we would be too. You were right.

By reading the words you penned, we see the failure feared didn’t happen in your time, and it helps us see the failure we fear now won’t either. What we glean from your writings is how to deal with that fear.

We run today because you cared enough to write your experiences down for us. It isn’t so much that we run down a well-beaten path. Every generation since your time has gone through jungles not navigated before. We’ve blazed our way through those however, with the right and seasoned perspectives (lessons learned as recorded by you) to be successful.

Anyone could have heard and wrote. You did.

We could never thank you enough; but thank you.

[i] Galatians 2:2

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