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A Flood of Dissipation

I grew up on a small farm at the edge of a small town. Next to our own place, Dad leased an adjoining parcel to pasture cattle. A full ½ mile of the Ninnescah River ran through that leased pasture.

I spent my formative years exploring the Ninnescah. I knew it and its fur, fish and game well. My wife is from a farm upstream where the South Fork of the Ninnescah originates. Regarding my life, a river runs through it.

The Ninnescah was named by the Osage Indians native to south central Kansas where we lived. The name means “good spring water.”

When the river would flood, I would canoe it. Teenage boys seek out danger and some of my closest brushes with death were on that flooded river. One I recall more than others.

As my friend and I came around a dangerous curve in the swollen river, we could not paddle fast enough to avoid a giant root cluster from a large cottonwood tree pushed over by the angry river. Half the tangled root ball loomed 8 feet or more above the water and half was under the churning muddy water.

The canoe slammed against the root-ball, casting us both into the water as it tumbled and crushed. The pressure of the water pressed us hard against the nasty root-ball under water as we each tried to reach the surface and breathe. Though just feet way from each other we had no idea the other was struggling nearby. But we both made it up, then swam through the raging water to land (ending up about ¼ mile from each other).

Crawling up that tangled root-ball with the incredible water pressure flattening me against it is one of my most intense memories.

Within a week the water had resided. The Ninnescah was again calm and shallow.


Think About it

In I Peter 4:4, Peter told of a culture that, think it strange that you do not plunge with them into the same flood of dissipation. The Greek word translated to dissipation was “asōtía.” Asōtía means riot & excess; an abandoned, dissolute life; unsavedness.

Our culture is in a flood of dissipation. It is dangerously threatening us.

Pray for a return of good spring waters but be ready for more flooding.

We are being pressed hard. Protection is going to be crucial during this time.

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