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Zero Hour

The term “before & after” is often used to describe a significant event in someone’s life; that significant moment that distinguishes their past from their future.

Zero Hour (a military term) has similar meanings. Familiar dictionaries however, all offer a couple alternative meanings;

ONE: A crucial or decisive moment.


 TWO: The scheduled time for the start of an operation or action, especially a significant tactical operation.

The crucial moment definition often refers to something we have very little expectation or control of.

The start of operations definition refers to an intentional action for a desired outcome.

We will have (or have had) crucial moment Zero Hours. Whether financial, relational, occupational or other – stuff happens. It could be great (winning the lottery) or awful. Zero Hours aren’t all fun. There well may be tears, blood and pieces on the ground.

When that awful Zero Hour hits, you may never want to talk to another person again. Well-meaning comments (“you’ll get through this”) may make you want to throw plates through the wall.

You may not want to get out of bed. Do it anyway. Feet down, eyes up, spirit willing. Move.

When you move, meet that awful Zero Hour with a Zero Hour tactical plan. Navigate your future based on what you know to be right; that most reliable source on the planet and in history. The scriptures. As the late Ern Baxter once said, “Read gobs of it.” Absorb passages like Philippians 4: 4-9 and the host of similar scriptures. Let them carry you through and shape your response.

That or quit. Your choice, but your choice will affect your very reasons for being. Whether your role in life was to affect family or others, it’s all on the line at Zero Hour.


Think About it

Never forget some who walk through your church doors on a Sunday morning have just been hit with their Zero Hour. They’ve never heard the term but are experiencing the pain. They have never caught any message of hope.

You’re ready to defend friends & family. Are you willing to help the hopeless angry stranger?

Being a responsible defender of the faithful comes with the responsibility of representing hope event to the hopeless angry stranger; unless or until they may make that awful decision to take hope away from others. Then you are the last hope for the defenseless.

That’s a quick switch.

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