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Top Ten 2020

Here are the top 10 amusing stories related to ministries in 2020;

10        In December, a man jumped in a hearse at St. Rose Church in Santa Rosa and took off. In February, a thief stole a hearse (with a body) at the St. Anthony Greek Orthodox Church in LA. That’s California for you.

9          In January, a man burglarized two churches in Alabama one night. Security cameras caught him crawling up to one of the churches wearing a batman costume. In July, at Church at The Mill in Spartanburg, SC a man stole many things including a batman costume which he wore for the 2nd phase of his burglary. Batman’s not a good guy.

8          In May, a naked man fled police in a car he had stolen from his mother. He jumped out of the moving car at Life Church in Norridgewock Maine and ran into the church as drive-in serves were occurring. It was Mother’s Day.

7          In May, a vandal broke out a hundred-year-old stained-glass window at the Grace Moravian Church in Mount Airy, NC. Jesus was arrested for the damage (Jesus Jose Arellano).

6          In December, video surveillance from the Longley Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR revealed a church burglar stopping to use hand-sanitizer before he left. He was not caught. For budding burglars, this is a model for how to make a clean get-away.

5          In September, the Westhampton Congregational United Church of Christ in Massachusetts had a setback to their food pantry program when it was broken into and ransacked. Though police know for sure who did it, there were no arrests made. It was a gang of bears.

4          Many “churches” sprouted, associated with the wave of legalizing Marijuana. This picture of one of their priests sums that topic.

 (Yes, that too was California.)

3          In February, the ousted pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Downingtown, PA was arrested for putting out a hit on the pastor who had replaced him. One person, interviewed by media said, “that is just wrong.” Yup.

2          In October, a church cemetery experienced over $30,000 in destruction as a man began digging holes and breaking headstones in an effort to resurrect his grandmother. Could she watch him from her seat in eternity? If so, how’d she feel about that?

1          In July, The Church of God in Fresno was burglarized, but the only thing taken was a box of prayer requests. California again.


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