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In Support of Faith-Based Security

With the decline in American moral values is a growing tsunami of abhorrence and violence against anyone or anything representing virtue. Our culture has gone beyond simply accepting depravity, to eagerly pursuing it. The war between good and evil is increasingly palpable. Many of the battles have been, and will be, fought in our most sacred places; faith-based ministries.

The faith-based security endeavor is advancing in response. The professionalism of the endeavor is advancing as well.

Faith-based security now has its own membership association for:

  • A connected network of those truly involved instead of disconnected individuals
  • Preserving and sharing applicable lessons learned instead of reinventing the wheel with each new plan or incident
  • Capturing and distributing sound practices from the collective acumen of many instead of promoting the opinions of a few
  • Discovering and disseminating genuine actionable threat information instead of recycling news
  • Establishing meaningful benchmarking data from those actually involved instead of data from those with little concept or experience of faith-based security operations
  • Promoting training from those directly involved instead of training developed from unrelated concepts and experiences

The Faith Based Security Network (FBSN) was established in 2016 as a member-owned professional association. In 2017 the IRS granted 501c3 status as a non-profit. In 2018, vetted memberships started. In 2019 a secure forum, and secure groups within the forum, were established and members were connected across America. In 2020 the Affiliate Membership program for those with applicable products and services was established and the FBSN began filming and distributing the, “Ready Willing & Able” training series, free to members.

The FBSN now has over 500 members in 43 states (and Washington DC) doing what it set out to do.


Think About it.

We are grateful to step into 2021 as a surviving organization, but we need support.

With a total 2020 income just 42% of 2019, the FBSN still grew membership by over 40% in the same time frame and continued developing new groups, programs and benefits.

2020 income was down due to fewer donations and events. Fundraising is tougher for the FBSN because we focus on protecting people before their story becomes a heart-wrenching press-release.

Please consider becoming a General or Affiliate Member. Our effectiveness really is improved when we grow together.

We also ask that you consider year-end or new year donations.

Go to www.FBSNAmerica.com to learn, join or donate.

Thank you for considering this.

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