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Community over crowds

A good friend is across every fence from me regarding politics. But we lean over those fences like good neighbors sharing a cup of coffee. Our breakfast conversation on Friday was along those lines.

In a recent article from writer Ronald Rolheiser, he wrote of the significant difference between crowd and community. In scripture and now, you can just about always insert words like, mindless, reckless or senseless before the word, “crowd.” Rolheiser pointed out that crazed crowds yell things like “crucify Him” and “Give us Barabbas.”

Satan often works through crowds.

We have crowds aplenty now, with mantras like, defund, destroy and occupy. They are not for good causes regardless of what their titles may be; they are extremists. Antagonists. No matter which political party they malign, or align with, they’re extremists. They aren’t left-wing, right wing, liberal or conservative; they’re ideological extremists. Dangerous Satanic pawns.

While there is danger in the lives they hurt, the biggest danger is their primary mission; to divide. Sun Tzu said, “All warfare is based on deception.” We are in a war; deception abounds. Our nation has been increasingly divided for decades.

This is a war between good and evil. The opposing sides are right and wrong, good and bad, truth and fiction, altruism and self-serving manipulation. God and Satan.


Think About it

When good people are swayed either way by acts of extremism – the extremist wins. Titles like “Black Lives Matter” or “American Renaissance” are not for the values of lives or revival; they are for division.

We have an obligation to the people we care about, to sort through and rise above, the rhetoric of extremists and move forward as resolute protectors against all evil.

Whoever wins the election, be ready for, but not moved by, extremist actions after. Do we think extremist activity will subside if someone wins or loses? Not at all – they are going to keep at their primary mission of division.

If the actions of activists espousing the rhetoric put out by American Renaissance (or others) make you mistrust good white people, their divisive intention has affected you.

Will that division come to our churches? It already has.

Garth Brooks was a bar bouncer for a season. He said their job wasn’t to be “Billy Badass.” It was to make sure people got along.


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