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The Midland City (Alabama) Assembly of God Church had more space than needed; renting a building to the Destiny Church congregation.

66-year-old Charles (Chuck) Poland Jr. drove a school bus on a route that required him to turn around on the road to the two churches. Next to the churches was property owned by a deranged menace to all neighbors. But Chuck Poland had befriended him. The man had developed a turnaround on his place for Chuck’s bus. On the morning of January 29th, 2013 Chuck gave him Jelly and eggs.

That same afternoon, with over 20 kids on his bus, Chuck used the turned around the man had provided. But the man boarded the bus and handed Chuck a note demanding he turn over two young kids to him. Emphasizing his seriousness, he fired a shot through the bus roof.

Chuck immediately defended his kids. Recognizing the danger, he would not give them up. Enraged, the tyrant threatened to shoot him. Chuck didn’t budge, telling him he would have to shoot him to get to those kids. Seconds later he killed Chuck.

Chuck’s resistance had delivered a clear message of danger to the children. One called 911 within the first minute and was on the phone as Chuck was killed. Those kids would not be taken easily; especially since witnessing Chuck give his life resisting.

Chuck had set aside a seat on his bus, right behind his own, for 5-year-old Ethan because Ethan was scared of buses. Ethan had passed out with fear. The man grabbed him, then took him to his well-supplied buried bunker, rigged with explosives and one small entry where he could easily get first shot at any rescuers.

The other children ran to nearby Destiny Church which, in conjunction with Midland City AG, became a command center for law enforcement as the hostage situation continued for a week.

On Monday, February 4th, FBI agents conducted a daring raid, killed the Tyrant and saved Ethan.


Think About it

Could you (would you) follow the model of Chuck Poland if intended victims needed you?

How would your church support a law-enforcement effort like this? This deeply impacted three churches for weeks; the two mentioned as well as Chuck’s home church, Grace Assembly of God in Newton, AL.

Here is link to a documentary on the crime from the Wall Street Journal; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH5SrCAhs1Q&feature=emb_logo


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