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A Short Break

I want to thank all of you who read this each week. Your comments back to me are a great encouragement to keep writing these Think About It articles.

My computer flat died and with Covid restrictions I cannot replace it until Tuesday. I am writing today from my iPhone.

I’ve seen youngsters attack a phone keyboard with both thumbs flapping like woodpeckers. My thumbs can’t do that.

So, please forgive me and return next week for a fresh season if TAI’s

For a glimpse into this new season of TAI’s, I just returned late last night from 10 days high in the Rocky Mountains. I do that once a year to recharge my batteries and this was the best of the best times for me

I can’t wait to share new things with all of you. But my thumb is not that fast

See you next week



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Thanks for all the times you send us a message. Maybe someday you can do another security conference at Focus. That’s my dream. That really gave our church security a good start. Thanks again Carl.
Michael from ND

Thank you. That was a fun event.

Understood Carl. I just returned from a 10 day trip to Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons, and it was indeed restorative. Looking forward to your future writings.
Thanks for everything. Rmk

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