2020 September

26 Sep: The Jungle of the Journey

Each year I take time to suspend all communication and escape to the mountains with our sons and close friends to hunt. It’s our favorite week of the year and we just returned. We hunt rough, primitive country; a wilderness area. Trails would be nice, but with trails come more people and fewer animals. Where we hunt there are few trails. This year we encountered elk, deer, bighorn sheep, bear, mountain lions, golden eagles and moose. We loved every minute. What few people we encounter there are just as determined and appreciative of the ruggedness as we are. There is a unique respect and acceptance for others who have paid the same price of passage. I always learn from the mountain experiences. This year I was struck by the similarities between life and a mountain journey. When you set a certain destination as your goal, there will be difficulties between…

20 Sep: A Short Break

I want to thank all of you who read this each week. Your comments back to me are a great encouragement to keep writing these Think About It articles. My computer flat died and with Covid restrictions I cannot replace it until Tuesday. I am writing today from my iPhone. I’ve seen youngsters attack a phone keyboard with both thumbs flapping like woodpeckers. My thumbs can’t do that. So, please forgive me and return next week for a fresh season if TAI’s For a glimpse into this new season of TAI’s, I just returned late last night from 10 days high in the Rocky Mountains. I do that once a year to recharge my batteries and this was the best of the best times for me I can’t wait to share new things with all of you. But my thumb is not that fast See you next week    

13 Sep: Stand up for right, don’t fall for wrong.

I was recently asked to support the upcoming “Faith and Blue” efforts. I sat through the launch presentation, but after careful review cannot endorse it. While I heard many good things from the organizer, his familiarity with Black Lives Matter (the BLM) concerns me. From the BLM website, “What We Believe” tab, they are based on 2 stories. Those stories (Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown) were both tried in the American justice system. In both cases the evidence was overwhelming that the criminal acts of the deceased led to their own deaths. To declare different is intentionally misleading. Just as the KKK didn’t accept American Justice in 1865 (or since), neither does the BLM. The KKK wants their ideologies established; democracy be damned. The BLM wants their ideologies established; democracy be damned. Here are some of the BLM quoted ideologies from their website; … all Black lives matter, regardless of…