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Since Moses, the rescued have grumbled against their rescuers. Every August, critics call America evil because we used atomic bombs on Japan.

America did not start that war, but we ended it. We were drawn into it reluctantly, as we were in denial that such horrible oppression was real. Millions of innocent civilians around the world had been killed by the Axis war mongers before America responded.

Of 40 countries who lost lives in that war, 6 were Axis, 17 were Allies and 17 were not engaged by choice (neutral; some with no military protection of their own).

Some of the allied or neutral countries don’t know how many they lost, or how many of those killed were civilians. So, estimate ranges are used in the historical data. In cases where ranges were used, I used the lower estimate of civilian deaths for this summary. For example, China alone may have lost as many as 50,000,000 civilians, but the low end of the estimate (20,000,000) was used.

  • The allies lost 36,265,100 civilians
  • Neutral countries lost 8,072,900 civilians
  • The total of non-aggressor nation civilians killed was no less than 44,338,000.

The Axis lost 2,518,600 civilians, including the approximately 234,000 (accounts vary) killed by the two atomic bombs (which ended the killing). Japan surrendered 6 days later. Dr P Herbert (Bishop of Norwich) stated, “we are forced to say that either civilization must destroy war, or war will destroy civilization.”


Think About it…

Compare how many civilians were killed by the allies (2,518,600) to civilians killed by the Axis (44,338,000). Why do reporters and political leaders not acknowledge this? Why do we tolerate the derogatory narrative every August as critics decry our decisive act that stopped the war? Why are these numbers not taught in our schools?

The Japanese emperor,  Hirohito, claimed to have been a god, and had vowed Japan would never stop. Their merciless slaughter of civilians had continued for years with no end in sight. Those bombs saved many more innocent civilians than they took.

There are only 300,000 WW II veterans left in America. Find one and thank him for his service. They were the rescuers. They gave, and they saw their friends and brothers die, only to have ungrateful, ignorant people 75 years later dishonor them. That is a disgrace.

Make sure your children and grandchildren know the truth about the August acts that stopped WWII. If you don’t tell them, who will?

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Very well said, and much needed.

Thank you Jim.

Jim, I rarely add anything after I’ve posted. But I found a quote this AM that was so good I added it to the TAI. Dr P Herbert (Bishop of Norwich) stated, “we are forced to say that either civilization must destroy war, or war will destroy civilization.”

Jim, many today cannot even fathom that it was that desperate at the time. But it really was that desperate.

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