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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I rarely share information on a specific threat in an open venue like this but am inclined to now make an exception.

This person of interest has been an exceptionally dangerous troublemaker. It is appropriate to pass this information along so others can be ready should he be seen anywhere around a faith-based (especially Christian) assembly.

It appears this man was born in Turkey. His citizenship is questionable at best, with vague possibilities of various ethnicities. His physical appearance has been reported as small, balding, crooked legs, big knees, big eyes, big nose and eyebrows that meet. He comes across as very friendly (until his true colors come out).

He has interrupted some gatherings already, even before his latest activity that has put him into an urgent light. In some of those gatherings he posed as law-enforcement; even taking some church leaders away. There is reliable documentation that one of those leaders was brutally murdered with strong evidence that this man was (at the very least) witness to his death.

It appears his new MO is to blend in with Christians, pretending to share their beliefs. He is quite articulate and can argue the scriptures with eerie knowledge. His past, however, testifies of his true colors. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Actions are louder (and more reliable) than words.

He was known as Saul but recently changed to Paul.


Think About it…

How would early churches have dealt with Paul?

Many say that what makes church security different is that we must be open and welcoming. That isn’t what makes church security unique. Banks, casinos, museums and even cities must be open and welcoming; but with security.

The story of Paul is an illustration of what makes church security different. Consider Ananias; while not ignorant, and declaring caution, he recognized God working where others may have missed it. In Acts 9:13-19 we see Ananias recognize and accept his instructions that overruled his caution.

It is the need to recognize, accept and even hope for redemption for anyone, while being instantly ready to stop them from hurting others that makes church security truly different.

FOOTNOTES: Historians believe Paul was born about 5 AD. He said himself (Acts 22:3) that he was born in Cilicea (now Turkey).

Scriptures about Paul’s pre-Christian life can be found in Acts 7:54-60, Acts 8:1-3, Acts 9:1-5 and (perhaps more descriptive than other accounts) Acts 22:19-20.

His mixed citizenship is seen in Acts 22:25-29, 2 Corinthians 11:22 and Philippians 3:5.

The physical appearance (except for the parenthesis) was from the controversial literary piece called, “The Acts of Paul and Thecla” (written no later than 190 AD).

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Made me smile James. Headline / scan only readers could get themselves in trouble over this one today!

Yep! Took some reading but I finally connected the dots!

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